Seeking One Brain

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She snapped shut her mind with a CLACK.

Opening up was always exhausting.

Finding the right tools, knowing which wires to find – all such a tedious situation.

She had to mend some circuits that had shorted, frayed and buzzing.

She sighed and rubbed the hinge of her mind.

Opening the mind, once again

A slow creeeeak echoed through the room.

She felt for her brain, tucked neatly inside.

Her hand swatted at air, feeling for the fatty operating system.

Where had it gone? It was just here!

She surveyed in a panic, scanning the floors.

A wet floor sign was displayed in the corner

Odd, had she made a mess?

Walking over, she saw the entangled mess, colors vivid and bloomed.

Her brain was there, lying on the floor


What more can one do?

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