She stood shivering in her thin, patched-up coat as the child was brought to her. Her vision blurred with tears, she rushed to him and felt his body, stiff and unyielding like a board, in her arms. “Karol!” she cried. “Klaus,” the boy said. *** The fifth installment of Captain America was a flop. The…Continue Reading “Lebensborn”

Alma Lemieux wakes each morning to memories of her daughter Cynthia. First she remembers the joy with which her husband Herbert greeted the news of her pregnancy, the first flutters in her abdomen, the ever waxing convexity, the pains of birth, how small the child was nested in her arms that first time, the challenge…Continue Reading “Cynthia”

Like so many times before, there once was a young girl who lived in a small village, in a small country, very far away from where you are reading this story. This girl was very smart, very beautiful, but very lonely. She made her living selling dirt to stupid people. She promised her customers that…Continue Reading “Neckbeard”