The job market was so dried up, you could only hope and pray for some shitty, part-time shiftwork underneath some dilapidated footbridge. The days of getting a comfy, monster-under-the-bed type job were long gone. Holding out for your own closet to scare out of? Hah! What are you smoking? The market bubble had gone bust,…Continue Reading “The Street”

Viola marvelled at her creation, immensely proud. Well…it wasn’t hers, technically speaking. It had existed before she’d happened upon it, but Viola had expanded upon it greatly, cherry-picking the best bits, and so she claimed full credit for it. A nimbus of bubbled encircled her, infinite in number and variety. If one looked closely, and…Continue Reading “Membrane”

Henry Buckler had never caused any trouble before. This morning, however, he stormed into the dental office and straight to Anita’s desk. “Mr. Buckler,” the young, petite nurse said pleasantly, looking up from her paperwork, “I don’t recall you having an appointment today.” “Is Bernie in?” he asked tersely, clearly agitated. “Why, yes. He’s –”…Continue Reading “Choppers”