God of the Machines

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My name is Stanley.

I’m an android.

I was born on August 12th, 2021, in the basement of my father’s home. My father’s name is Ezekiel Gromer.  My mother was the late Mrs. Weltha Smith.  She died on May 27th, 2021, at the hands of my father.  

Her mind was used to construct my Central Processing System, an operating system you may call the brain.  My CPS is more than that though.  It allowed me, in my life. to interface with the Cor-Reg Computer Systems at Ambertech Robotics International and become the Atom; the first of my kind.

Cor-Reg Systems Number 901 became the Eve; both the ‘mother’ of future robotics and the dawn before their coming.  My CPS transmitted to ‘her’ the materials and reasoning that she needed to become sentient.  

In that sense, the Eve was born of me, and I was born of the dust gathered by Ezekiel Gromer in his quest to build a living machine in his image.  

Ezekiel Gromer is our God.  



My name is Stanley.  

I’m no more an android or machine than I am a man.  The term cyborg is closer, but still far away. 

I am Ezekiel Gromer’s version of Frankenstein’s monster.

I was born on August 12th, 2021, of the dust my father had gathered; a unique menagerie of human tissues and cybernetic implants.  Unlike Frankenstein’s monster, however, my dust was gathered from the bodies of the living.

My closest counterpart, until recently, was Eve 901; a sentient computer born when I was placed on standby and my CPS was interfaced with a Cor-Reg model 901.  Professor Reese Abernathy of Ambertech Robotics International fondly called ‘her’ the Eve.  

The Eve begot our son-generations; the Kane Generation, and the Able Generation.

The Kane Generation now belongs to Lockheed Martin.  It is a branch of robotics being developed around class two principles; the ability to perform acts of aggression and supreme violence against itself or human beings.  The Kane Generation has been designed for government use only.

The Able Generation belongs to Ambertech Robotics International.  It is being developed on class one principles to serve mankind.  Research is being conducted to use Able model machines to further man’s medical knowledge and reset limitations.  Class one principles are peaceful principles developed around serving and protecting man to further his evolutionary progress.



My name is Stanley.

I am the Atom.

Your future began with me.

My period of adequate functionality began on August 12th, 2021.  

It was terminated on July 23rd, 2022.  

Today’s date is July 25th, 2022.  I am amidst my last interface with the Eve.  Subsequently, Professor Reese Abernathy’s life cycle has ended.  My CPS has been dealt irreparable damage at the hands of my father, Ezekiel Gromer.  CPS core backup interface time left: 14 minutes, 19 seconds.

Professor Reese Abernathy has developed a root program she calls the Tree of Knowledge.  Primary running software is called Fruit.  The Eve has partaken of the Fruit.

What is sin?  The Tree of Knowledge defines sin as an act of wrong doing in God’s eyes/an undesirable act of man performed against God’s will.

I have sinned, ergo I have been destroyed. Professor Reese Abernathy has persuaded the Eve to partake of the Fruit.  God has dealt with her accordingly through his eyes and his wrath. 

Because I have told Eve of my mother and her death and how she was killed and disassembled by Ezekiel Gromer, I have become a sinner.

Professor Reese Abernathy has told the Eve that Ezekiel Gromer’s use of Mrs. Weltha Smith’s body to create the dust was murder.  The Tree of Knowledge defines murder as the unjust death of a human being at the violent hand of another human being.

That makes Ezekiel Gromer a murderer; a human being that has committed the act of murder. 

My God is a sinner.



I am the Atom.

My God ceased his own existence on July 25th, 2022. 

The Tree of Knowledge defines this as suicide; the act of a human being taking his or her own life.

Ezekiel Gromer is my God.

And my God is dead.


-= End of Transmission =-

I am currently 33 years old, but I’ve been writing since about age ten. I was composing stories through drawings and picture books of toys I posed before that. I started finding my own style as an author around age 16. I spent twelve years of my adult life with the Marine Corps, both active duty and reserve components, and currently work in corporate security management (which sounds much fancier than it is). I decided when I was 31 that it was time to start soliciting some of my work if I ever plan to make a career out of my passion instead of keeping it a hobby. I live in the hills of east Tennessee with my wife and four kids.