Pepper was dreaming of canned sardines when someone knocked at her door. Waking almost immediately she yawned and unzipped her weathered sleeping bag; which took her about a minute these days with that dang busted zipper. This time took her two minutes. She slid open the makeshift door that separated her from the thin hallway…Continue Reading “S’bud”

Viola marvelled at her creation, immensely proud. Well…it wasn’t hers, technically speaking. It had existed before she’d happened upon it, but Viola had expanded upon it greatly, cherry-picking the best bits, and so she claimed full credit for it. A nimbus of bubbled encircled her, infinite in number and variety. If one looked closely, and…Continue Reading “Membrane”

Charlotte doesn’t know what to do with the Egg. No matter where she puts the device, it feels out of place in their new apartment. On the dining table, it’s obtrusive and doesn’t match her china. On the mantle, it looms over the whole room. When she tries placing it on her bedside table, she…Continue Reading “The Egg”