In the fall of that year, the circus came to town. They carried a dead clown with them. This wasn’t a sideshow exhibit. The circus had some of that kind of thing, yes, but mostly they had feats of strength and daring. They had pretty girls dancing through the air on a high wire or…Continue Reading “Words”

3:43 AM The Subject awakens with stomach cramps and immediately selects from a list of possible illnesses, some of which are life threatening, as to the cause of the discomfort: dyspepsia, gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, B, C, cirrhosis, pancreatitis. He mentions Duff McKagan suffered from acute pancreatitis which “Caused his pancreas to swell to the size…Continue Reading “Gray Matters”

Brutus, the family’s long-ignored Dalmatian, pattered into the dead Boy’s room. The lad’s clothes sat on brown bed sheets. A folded shirt, and pants. Mom and Dad shooed Brutus away when he begged for love. No pats. No scratching behind the ears. That gave him an idea. If he wore the Boy’s clothes, he’d be…Continue Reading “Be the Boy”

Wednesday October 24 1962 I was seventeen. “Happy birthday, Celia,” Shirley said. “We’re celebrating tonight.” She and Kath took me to the Kong Nam Restaurant: flocked wallpaper, Formica tables and lanterns. I gorged myself on chop suey and chips, and couldn’t face the fortune cookies, so I wrapped one of the crispy oracles in a…Continue Reading “Ticket to Ride”