Welcome to our 2018 Flash Fiction Contest!

Hello readers!

Thank you all for your great submissions for Asymmetry Fiction’s first ever writing contest! We enjoyed all your work a great deal and hope to see more standard submissions from you in the future. Stories about scams, cons and grifts are some of our favorites, and it was a pleasure to see so many interesting takes on the theme. And without further ado, here are the winners of the Asymmetry Fiction 2018 Flash Fiction Contest!

FIRST PRIZE: “Flukes of Destiny” by Rafael Lovato

SECOND PRIZE: “Natural Selection” by Lena Crown

THIRD PRIZE (in no particular order):

“Unsellable” by Mike Collins
“The Stink and the Stridency” by GJ Hart
“Fuir” by Jennifer Yang
“Seashells from the Seashore” by Calum Robertson
“Boathouse” by Devin O’Shea
“Jim Finn, Risk-Averse Lumberjack” by Terrence Gutberlet
“The Governor’s Joke” by Jamie White
“The Gift” Jordan Morton

We will be publishing the winning entries beginning Sunday, March 13.

Nathan & Alex